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26 screet of Fengshui Maret 13, 2008

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I. Your Front Door Should Encourage Good ChÕi

An attractive entrance to your home or office will encourage good ch’i, or energy,
to enter. If you can arrange your front door so that it faces your overall harmony
or great prosperity direction, it will help bring in wealth, love and happiness. As
all energy enters through your front door, it is important to keep things away from
the door so the door will be free to open without problems.
Make sure your front door is not broken, and opens smoothly. A broken door or
one that is hard to enter is the worst kind of energy to start with. Your door size
should not be too large or too small relative to the size of the house. If the western
world had practiced feng shui from the beginning, we could have avoided much of
the trouble we have today in our personal lives as well as in our work or business.
I have seen many front doors of homes face a
solid wall immediately upon entering. The
main door should not open inside onto a solid
wall within three feet of the open door. The
only thing you can do is to place a mirror
here so that upon entering, the space looks
larger. This is not an ideal solution, as it is not
good to have a mirror reflecting the front
door, but it is better to have a mirror here if
the space is too tight for comfort.

The size of the door should be well balanced to the dwelling, not too small or oversized
in proportion to the rest of the house. Too narrow an entrance stifles the flow
of good ch’i entering the house, and you will have to invest more time, money and
energy to achieve your goals if you live in a house with a small entrance.
Well-situated front doors are wide and lead
into a foyer that open to other rooms in the
house. The foyer acts as a buffer to slow
the fast flowing energy as it enters your
home. The front door should never
open directly into the living room
without some kind of buffer to slow
the energy. If you have no choice put
an attractive three-fold screen a few
feet from the entrance with a healthy
green plant in front of the screen. The
screen slows the good ch’i energy so that it
can flow softly around the screen.
The first things you or visitors see when entering your home set the mood for the
rest of the stay. Clutter should not be allowed to accumulate anywhere, but the
entrance is a particularly bad place for untidiness. People have a tendency to put
things at the door as a reminder to get rid of the things with good intentions of taking
them away. But have you noticed even with yourself you leave it there,
because you are in a hurry and will do that later. Later, turns into days later. This
is bad for the subconscious mind. It is there when you arrive back home and due
to the rush it continues to stay there. If you want good feng shui in the home taking
this stuff away should be first on your priority list
When you look out of your front door, you should not face a hill, and the door
itself should not be hidden by shrubbery. It is not a good situation if there are
obstructions in front of the door, such as a steep hill, another larger building, or
any kind of over-sized or massive structure.
The entrance should be well lit and airy. The best shape for a door is oval or square
at the top. Solid wood doors are better than glass doors. The entrance should not
have sharp angles from other buildings pointing toward the door. You can place
a mirrored PaKua to deflect some of the negative energy from entering your home.

You can also hang wood or metal wind chimes to help
deflect the energy. Remember, the chimes must be hollow
to be effective and the PaKua must be placed on
the outside of the house. It is unlucky to have a mirrored
PaKua inside of your home.
Bright-colored doors are very inviting and set the tone
for overall harmony inside the home. Regardless of the
color you select, it should provide a good contrast to
the color of the rest of the house. Red is a good color
for a door, but only if it is a compatible color for your
overall harmony or great prosperity. The color should also be compatible with the
main colors of the house.
Red can be used if you are an East, South or Southwest person. Green or blue is
an excellent color if you are an East person. Gold is beneficial and a good color
for the door if you are a west person. All colors bring in good ch’i energy and are
attractive to any entrance. Colors are explained later in the book.
In Feng Shui, people as well as homes are divided into EAST and WEST groups.
You can determine if your house is good for you once you establish whether you
are an East or West group person. If you live in the type of house appropriate for
the opposite group, you may never become wealthy in that house. However, you
can arrange the furniture to improve your living conditions. There are four good
directions and four bad directions for each group. If you are an East person, the
four west directions are bad and if you are a West person, the four east directions
are bad for you.
If you are an EAST person, your good directions are North, East, Southeast and
South. If you are WEST, your best directions are West, Northwest, Northeast and
Once you decide which group you belong in, you can sometimes change the direction
of the house by entering through a different door that faces one of your four
good directions.
Beautiful, colorful flowers and lush green shrubbery also bring a sense of harmo-ny and are important enhancements to an entrance. While many sidewalks lead in
a straight line toward the door, it is more beneficial if the walk curves or meanders
toward the door. If your walkway leads in a straight line to your door you should
try to change it to one that curves or one that leads to the side to disburse the
straight racing energy that flows toward the door.
Wind chimes are good instruments for beneficial energy when placed next to the
front and back doors. The chimes should be hollow and large enough so they produce
a nice melody of pleasing sounds when chimed. Together with harmony and
rhythm, melody is one of the three basic elements of music. Having soothing
sounds in your environment is another way to attract harmony and money.
Speaking of sound, soft music in the home is important to elevate one’s energy,
making it easier to produce good work that generates more money.
The front door entrance should never lead in a straight line to a back door or large
window. All of your luck and finances will flow through the house and out the
back door or window. This is the worst kind of energy of all for losing your hard
earned money. If you have this problem fix it immediately. If you live in a place
with this problem, you can place a large screen at a distance from the front door
so that it covers the view to the back door, and place a large plant in front of the
Nowadays, many people live in city high-rises. Apartment and condominium living
provide different challenges. If you live in an apartment building, never live at
the end of a long corridor, nor in front of the elevator or stairway. All of your
finances will fly away and down through the fast moving energy of the stairway,
elevator or long corridor. If possible, place a plant at the entrance in the hallway
to slow some of the fast flowing energy.
If you live in an apartment building, green plants and fresh flowers can be used to
bring nature into your home. Fresh flowers brought in weekly help keep your energy
level high .

To be Continued…….